Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bastard Noise - A Culture of Monsters (2010)

Though I had to listen to it a few times to get acclimated, I really enjoy this record. Originally conceived of as a side project, The Bastard Noise is made up of members of the now defunct Man is the Bastard, so you should know what to expect. Though it is more experimental and gadget-heavy, this is some thoroughly noise influenced post-hardcore powerviolence. I'm not at all a fan of hardcore and I normally don't pay much attention to powerviolence, but this is a fun and weird record definitely worth listening to.

I don't have many complaints. It's very cleanly produced, but that doesn't bother me too much with the style. I absolutely hate the intro track (a spoken word piece), but that's why there's a "next" button. I love the hissing, distorted vocals - they got me through the initial listen.

"A Culture of Monsters" was released on CD and LP by Deep Six records. If you live on the east coast or like metal fests, they're playing this year at Maryland Death Fest.

1. A Culture of Monsters
2. Pincer's Movement
3. Me and Hitler
4. A Silent Night in the Horrible Garden
5. If Another World...
6. Through Modern Existence (The March of the Trolls)
7. Lumberton
8. Interior War

Visit them on myspace and check out the record. Just buy it. It's amazing. It just took me a few listens to get there.


  1. PLEASE take down this upload. Thanks, Bastard Noise's manager.