Saturday, January 15, 2011

Von - Satanic Blood Angel (2003)

I'm surprised this wasn't the first thing I reviewed, but I knew I would get around to it sooner or later. If you somehow missed the boat, Von is an early US black metal (formed in 1988) from San Francisco - they are actually considered the first US black metal band EVER. They are allegedly still active, but I'm not sure in what way. There are some great side projects, namely Sixx, Von Goat and Von Venien, the latter of which I have yet to hear. Sixx is Sisters of Mercy style gothic rock with one full length album, Von Goat has a full length black metal album (Septic Illuminations, 2010), and Von Venien only has a single so far.

"Satanic Blood Angel" is actually a best of/compilation made up of their earlier demos and live recordings. It was released as a double CD released by Nuclear War Now! and rereleased too many times for me to bother listing (but also eventually put out as a double LP). If you can get over the fact that it's basically unlistenable, you will fall completely in love with it. Though they remain largely underground, Von has obtained a cult following because other metal bands seem to be obsessed with them: Varg, Dark Funeral, etc. Watain takes their name from a Von song.

You're either going to love or absolutely HATE Von. I love it and if anything can be called "fucking kvlt" then this is it. Raw, hate-filled, despicable, disgusting, minimalist black metal. The recording quality is shit and the drums tend to be stuck at a pretty repetitive blast beat, but if you ever sit around contemplating how to destroy humanity, this would be a good soundtrack for it.

Disc 1:
1. Devil Pig
2. Veinen
3. Watain
4. Lamb
5. Veadtuck
6. Satanic Blood
7. Christ Fire
8. VON
9. Evisc
10. Release
11. Blood Angel
12. Chalice of Blood
13. Vennt
14. Backskin

Disc 2:
1. Veinen (Live)
2. Watain (Live)
3. Lamb (Live)
4. Evisc (Live)
5. Release (Live)
6. Satanic Blood (Live)
7. Veadtuck (Live)
8. Chalice of Blood (Live)
9. Goat Christ (Live)
10. Vennt (Live)
11. Dissection Inhuman (Live)
12. VON (Live)

They are weirdly all over the internet: on facebook, on twitter, on myspace, and at Von Music Group's official page. Listen. I fucking dare you.

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