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Necros Christos - Triune Impurity Rites (2007)

Necros Christos is German black/death metal band (though more death metal) that formed 2001. Sepulchral Voice released "Triune Impurity Rites" back in 2007 and I absolutely adore it. They have a bunch of great demos and splits, but this is their first full length and so far their only album. I WANT MORE, ASAP. Another album was supposed to come out in 2010; stop toying with my emotions and release it already.

Fans of Incantation, Inquisition, and even more extreme, slow-tempo black metal bands like Von and Beherit will likely enjoy this. It's mid-paced death metal, gloomy, and catchy as hell. They also use a good amount of non-death metal instruments, which I really enjoyed. Instead of the usual folky acoustic guitar, there's a church gong and some amazing folky sections inspired by Middle Eastern music. It's lovely and original.

They obviously spent a lot of time and care writing, recording, and producing this album. My only complaint is that I feel like they played it a little safe and stayed close to a predictable sound rather than really pushing the limits. I have really high expectations for the next album.

Track list:
The full title is actually "Triune Impurity Rites or The Grand 9 Cultmysteries of the Templum Necromantorum" and the album is split into three parts:

The Three Cultmysteries according to the Torments of the Damned
1. Nekros Kristos (Temple IX.99)
2. Daemonomantic Fog Lay Upon the Tombs of Succoth
3. Kischuf (Temple VIII)
4. Christ Was Not of Goatborn Blood
5. Nam Ignis Est Umbra Locorum Infernorum (Temple VII)
6. Tormented Flesh on the Mount of Crucifixion

7. Gate I: Das Schwarze Wasser der Toten

The Three Cultmysteries according to the Ceremonies of Goetia
8. Ora Pro Nobis (Temple VI)
9. Last Rite of Christ
10. In Love With Ereskigal (Temple V)
11. Va Koram Do Rex Satan
12. Voragem Mortis (Temple IV)
13. Black Mass Desecration

14. Gate II: Offenbarungen der Mayrim

The Three Cultymysteries according to the Rites of Necro-Demonomancy
15. Damnation Worship (Temple III)
16. Impure Burials Prevail
17. Necromancing the Ghost (Temple II)
18. Deathless in Spiritual Evil
19. Conquering Tell Al-Mutesallim (Temple I)
20. Triune Impurity Rites: I. Skulldoom of Sumer (Darkness)
21. Triune Impurity Rites: II. Nazarethical Ram of Bethlehem (Damnation)
22. Triune Impurity Rites: III. Blasphemous Graves Open at the End of Days (Death)

23. Gate III: Im Schatten des Zikkurath

Complicated, I know, but if you're going to make your album into a Satanic ritual, you might as well do it right. Visit their official page and if you don't listen to this you're an idiot.

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