Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lantlôs - .neon (2010)

I am occasionally willing to admit that I'm wrong, which may be the case with ".neon." When I'm in a foul mood, reviewing something I was already lukewarm about makes its faults seem so much more pronounced. Like now, for example, I'm willing to say that I hate this album. I know it made some best-of-2010 lists, but I hate it.

Lantlôs is a German post-black metal band that's been around about five years. Neige, of Peste Noire and Alcest, joined them pretty recently as an official member, which is why I checked this out in the first place. ".neon" is their second full length, released on Prophecy Productions, their current label.

Let's talk about the things that I hate first, before I can return to rationality. All of these are on my list of Things Never To Do On A Black Metal Album:
1. Straight/non-screaming vocals.
2. Metal-shoegaze hybrid bullshit.
3. A weird, accessible hipster aesthetic.
4. Annoying electronic elements all over the place.
5. Random jazz parts that have nothing to do with anything.

Honestly, it kind of sounds like someone crossed later Alcest with Bjork (minus the vocals) and I'm REALLY not into it. I like Peste Noire, so I feel guilty hating this so much, but there you go.

Track list:
1. Minusmensch
2. These Nights Were Ours
3. Pulse/Surreal
4. Neige de Mars
5. Coma
6. Neon

If you spend most of your time going to hipster dance parties, carry around a box of tissues, or otherwise have too much estrogen/anti-depressants in your bloodstream for real black metal, check them out on myspace or their homepage.

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